Monday, February 26

BelleWave-VLCC: Next Gen Tech in Skincare


In a recent tie-up, VLCC brought BelleWave, a premium skincare brand, to India with their range of facials. Josephine Song, Global Head, New Product Development at VLCC in a free wheeling chat with Beauty Launchpad expands on brand ethos, innovation and more.

Tell us about your journey and what made you launch BelleWave?

I started in this industry about 20 years ago. I started with a salon and that’s how know the needs of the customer. Then we launched this brand - BelleWave, one which not only deliver results, but is safe too. So, knowing the industry well, I started to create products which clients were looking for.

You have unique background and lot of industry insight. Is there any key insight or a new technology that you want to share with us?

One of the treatments and product series that we launched is targeted at telomere level which is based on the Nobel prize discoveries in 2009. The discovery is that human age is due to the shortening of telomere which is part of the chromosome. We launched this series three years ago. People now are not only looking at superfi cial skincare maintenance but also talking about looking into the cellular level. The next thing will be about reverse ageing. We are already in development of a series to reverse glycation. Most of the products in market are about anti-glycation. The products that we are going to develop is about reversing the already existing glycation.

Concept of anti-ageing is changing with technology advancement. in India ageing starts in late twenties due to environmental conditions. How do you think technology handles that?

Next to reverse-glycation, we are developing an antipollution series. We are working on those anti-pollution products that prevent skin from pollutants. The product has to be sprayed on and it prevents pollutants to stick to the skin. The free-radicals are causing the skin to age faster and these products will work against that.


What was the fi rst breakthrough product for BelleWave?

In 2008, we were the fi rst brand to launch the botanical stem cell. From then, as I mentioned, we have developed the telomere range. The next trend is sunblock which is not against UV rays but also against infrared and the harmful rays of electronic items we use - computers, phones etc.


What are the top trends that you see emerging in next few years in skincare?

Anti-pollution products, skin protection against all rays, instant result giving products like instant tightening, wrinkle remover.

What you have to say about fairness products?

Fairness to me is about having fl awless skin. You shouldn’t have pigmentation and have glow. One of the latest ranges that we are soon going launch in India is Blanc Precision. It has a nano-technology and using a specific delivery system, it goes direct to the cell that’s responsible for the melanin production. So instead of going everywhere, it reaches to a particular cell. 

You are a wellness guru too, tell us your insights about the wellness space?

Eating healthy, suffi cient sleep and having balance diet are important. I believe we need supplements too. Our diet these days are not balanced. It is critical to replenish with necessary supplements. BelleWave has supplements which contains powerful anti-oxidant and it is water and fat soluble. It is essentially an algae extract.

Tell us about VLCC tie-up and how do you see it panning out in India?

It’s great to be a part of VLCC as they have huge presence in India. They have many centres which can carry out the BelleWave treatments. We are creating BelleWave as an affordable brand in India as compared to other countries. Also, entering these markets let us understand Indian demands, expectations and skin types. We may have an India-specifi c series!

What brought you to India?

We have launched new Essencious range of professional skincare facials here. The three treatments are targeted at different purpose and skin types. Plantonic from sea algae is used to energise the skin, another one is made from different plant seeds which treat winkles, fine lines and is for dry and ageing skin and third one is Fermatique Brilliance Facial which uses fermentation and thus product penetrates the skin deeply. It makes skin glow, eradicating pigmentation, spots and uneven skin. They are for both men and women and all age groups. These will be only available across all VLCC centres and priced at INR 2700.

This article was first published in Beauty Launchpad India May 2017 issue