Monday, February 26

Winter Hair Woes: Expert Guide from Matrix


Winter is all about lit fireplaces, hot coffees, mini marshmallows and the season of festivities. But with that, also comes the nuisance of unruly and frizzy hair. Dry winter weather not only wreaks havoc on our skin, but also causes considerable damage to hair leading to split ends and breakage. 

To combat serious winter hair concerns, Melroy Dickson, GM-Education, Matrix shares some essential tips to care for different hair types and problems with effective and long-term solutions.

For hair fall due to weak hair
It is important to strengthen hair strands and restore their elasticity.

Melroy’s Tip: To avoid breakage, it is important to be gentle with hair. For instance, while detangling; work from the ends up to the root and not the other way around. Also, do not leave hair open while sleeping; this further weakens hair.

For the severely damaged and undernourished hair
Hair is often exposed to extreme weather, pollution and lack of sufficient supplements leading to severe damage. During winters, the weather is bound to pull out all the moisture in the hair making it look weak and dull.

Melroy’s Tip: Go for regular insalon treatments to strengthen and nourish hair back to health.

For dandruff, excess oil, odour and itchiness
The scalp is prone to excessive dryness in winters which often leads to dandruff and itchiness.

Melroy’s Tip: To avoid dandruff, it is mportant to keep the scalp clean and healthy and ensure it is not a breeding ground for bacteria. Opt for a scalp detox service regularly. At home, try to alternate your regular shampoo with a dandruff shampoo to maintain a healthy scalp.