Monday, February 26

Black Leopard Premium Men's Grooming Range in India


Premium Australian men’s-only skin care range by Black Leopard, launched their masculine products for the hair, face, and body, in India. 

Up for the challenge of a ‘male-only’ grooming range, the Black Leopard team started the perilous climb to the top in 2015. Black Leopard Skincare has been carefully formulated by award-winning Cosmetic Chemist, Richard Gonano, whose portfolio includes previous work for acclaimed beauty brands AESOP, Kevin Murphy and Sukin. Gonano describes Black Leopard’s signature blend as ‘earthy citrus’ and prides the range on its ‘beautiful soothing, herbal complex that’s great for male skin types’.

With a number of companies and brands offering organic skincare products, Black Leopard went down the tried and true path of Skincare, with synthetic actives and essential oils and plant extracts, that are proven to be more potent and much more effective. “People fear the nasties and the guilt aspect of buying non-organic products. Realistically if you want something that really works, you’ll need some clever synthesized ingredients,” Richard says, “as a marketing tool, words like certified and organic appeal greatly to the buyer.”

Black Leopard gets certification on all its products to ensure the quality of all synthetics, essential oils and extracts. “Plants have some extraordinary benefits and mixed the right way with synthetic ingredients, you can make seriously effective skincare products.”
Australian owned and made, Black Leopard, is the creation of the Collins family, a father and son team ensuring the ethos ‘made for men, by men’ is instilled in everything they do. Co-Founder, Murdoch Collins, explains, “We’ve taken a very hands on and rigorous approach in the development process, ensuring only the best products have made the cut. Put simply, we’ve created a skincare range in the same way we like our whiskey - smooth, refined and handcrafted,” he said.

The range has been designed with the modern man in mind and comprises 11 products, including a hydrating face scrub, anti-shine moisturizer, hair styling cream and nourishing lip balm. Black Leopard Skincare provides a simple yet effective, all-encompassing routine. It combines only the best quality products and triple-action formulations to hydrate, rejuvenate and soothe all male skin types.

Premium active ingredients in Black Leopard Skincare, include, ION MOIST 4 MEN®, VITAL ET, XPERT MOIST TM, UPLEVITYTM, and

The Black Leopard Skincare Product Range:
Anti-Shine Moisturizer SPF15, 100ml, INR: 3490
Black Leopard Hydrating Skin Soothing After Shave Balm, 100ml, INR: 2990
Black Leopard Skincare’s After-Shave Balm
Skin Boosting 2-In-1 Shave Gel Cleanser, 100ml, INR: 2990
Snow Leopard Triple Action Bright Daily, 100ml, INR: 2990
Snow Leopard Night Bright Serum, 15ml, INR: 1990