Monday, February 26

Innisfree Jeju Pomegranate Skincare Range Debuts in India


A total anti-aging range that brings vitality and energy to the skin with the excellent anti-oxidative power of Jeju Pomegranate, Innisfree is debuting their premium Pomegranate skincare range in India from Novemeber 2017. Pomegranate is known as an elixir for women's health and skin. The Jeju Pomegranate line is said to be made through Innisfree's squeeze method which gives pure and clean extracts for healthy and vibrant skin. 

Active ingredients in Jeju pomegranate squeeze, treats five signs of skin aging – loss of moisture, vibrant energy, glow, firmness and wrinkles to keep the skin healthy and vibrant. Ellagic acid in Jeju pomegranate squeeze also treats signs of skin aging caused by external irritants and strengthens the skin's self-defensive power to help stay healthy.

The range comprises of a toner, lotion, essence, eye serum, and cream priced at INR 1400 - INR 2000