Friday, January 19

Innisfree Launches Perfumes and New Range in Skincare and Makeup


Korean naturalism brand and pioneers of the Green tea seed serum, Innisfree launched perfumes as well as a new range of products in their skincare, makeup and men's line, for their customers in India. From real fit velvet lipsticks, hair concealers and bio-cellulose masks; the new launches are created keeping every aspect of skin care problems one may face in the Indian weather condition.

Real Fit Velvet Lipstick (INR 900)

A high-definition lipstick with velvet texture that claims to contain moisturizing oil within lips and mattifying colour powder outside.

Real Hair Make up Jelly Concealer (INR 950)

A jelly-textured hair concealer that claims to develop strong colour and completely fill the gap between hairlines without flakes. Use with hair makeup fixer to enhance durability and to remove the makeup, use cleansing oil or regular shampoo during facial cleansing.

Real Hair Make Up Fixer (INR 550)

A hair mist fixer to enhance the durability of hair makeup with natural setting power. After using hair concealer, spray it to fix the hair makeup. When sprayed inside of the hair, its roots are coated to give volume-up effect.


Green Barley Daily Peeling Essence (INR 1550) 

A leave-on type mild daily peeling essence that gently takes care of dead skin cells and impurities, and then makes the skin smooth and radiant.

Whitening Pore Eye Stick (INR 1500)

A stick-type eye cream that protects sensitive eye area against external irritants during the day. Combination of organic and inorganic sunblock (SPF 38+, PA+++).

Jeju Lava Seawater Boosting Ampoule (INR 1500)

Deep hydrating & anti-ageing boosting ampoule with Jeju lava seawater that facilitates moisture energy to make the skin firm and dense.

Jeju Lava Seawater Effector (INR 400)

A wash-off pack of nourishing quinoa gently exfoliates dead skin cells and gives firmness to the skin. Available in Firming, Wrinkle and Cica varieties.

Coconut Bio-Cellulose Mask (INR 280)

Bio-cellulose mask with a naturally-derived sheet, obtained by fermented coconut, takes care of skin concerns. Available in Hydrating, Nourishing and Soothing varieties.