Monday, February 26

Pond's Launches Pocket Skin Coach S.A.L


Pond's has launched a new skincare app - the pocket skin coach called ‘Skin Advisor Live’ or SAL to helps women understand and transform their skin. 

Sleep deprivation weakens skin by 30% and accelerates skin ageing by two and a half years. Also, a mere 10 minutes under the sun can trigger the formation of dark spots. These are just some of the factors that can impact your skin health. Women in India face many more external and internal aggressors that can weaken our skin and, over time, cause irreversible damage. Created by The Pond’s Institute, the S.A.L app is designed to not only educate us about our personal skin health but also encourage us to take action to transform our skin.

Amy Jackson, Pond’s Brand Ambassador said “I am very excited about S.A.L and getting my very own skin care coach. I have already started using the app daily because it provides me with useful reminders and information about my environment such as UV, pollution, temperature and humidity and how it impacts my skin health. I can see that S.A.L will become the first point for trusted skincare advice and tips for many girls out there. My favourite feature is the chatbot. It’s fun, interactive and personalized.”

“As the expert face care brand, Pond’s is always looking for ways to bring innovation to help every Indian get the skin they desire. S.A.L (Skin Advisor Live) is a breakthrough in personalised skin care from the Pond’s Institute. This app provides real-time skin advice and regime recommendations taking into account the effects of a multitude of factors ranging from pollution and temperature to water consumption and sleep levels. Recommendations are personalised and help the consumer identify exactly what her skin needs are based on her face scan, her routine, and her lifestyle. It's like having the advice of a dermat on the go and round the clock.” – Prabha Narasimhan, Vice President, Skin Care India,“ said Prabha Narasimhan, Vice President -Skin Care, India, ‎Unilever.

“S.A.L represents Pond’s commitment to helping women achieve their desired skin goal and learn more about their skin. The Pond’s Institute – our global network of over 700 scientists – is constantly developing leading innovations and technologies that will help fulfil this goal and S.A.L is one of them. We hope that S.A.L will help women keep track of their skin progress on-the-go and overtime, transform their skin,” said Arnaud de Fontgalland, Global Vice President, Pond's, Unilever.

S.A.L’s Features

Developed in partnership with The Pond’s Institute, Unilever Foundry and external skincare and beauty experts, S.A.L contains features and capabilities that can really help us transform our skin:

⦁ An interactive chatbot: Virtual assistant S.A.L is a witty, empathetic and candid skincare coach, available 24/7 to provide us with customized skincare support. Besides providing constructive reminders and encouragement, she also offers fun skin trivia and bite-sized information about skincare and common urban factors that impact skin, such as pollution, sun exposure, stress and lack of sleep.
⦁ Personalized skincare routines and product recommendations: Through advanced facial recognition capabilities, S.A.L is able to capture and analyze your skin health to offer solutions personalized to each skin issue — from acne to ageing skin.
⦁ Tailored expert content: In partnership with global beauty influencers and dermatologists, S.A.L. provides personalized content that reveals the latest skincare trends, secrets and advice.
⦁ The SKININDEX & Dashboard: A personalized skincare score, which changes based on the environment (measured via an associated dashboard) and whether women have observed customized daily skincare routines. This score is accessible in real-time – giving a 360-degree view of progress towards pre-established skincare goals.


S.A.L is available at the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.