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6 Trending Makeup Looks You Can Try at Home

6 Trending Makeup Looks You Can Try at Home

By Sushmita Mathur

House arrest? Make the best of it!

Remember when you wished for some extra time to try something new. Working from home is that time – try these trending makeup looks that you were drooling over on social media.

Colour Your Life Outside The Lines!

Neon bright eyes give a perfect summer/spring look. To get this look use a palette of fresh tones and neon’s floral shades that allows you to accentuate your features. Choose a single shade or a clash of colours, but being playful with your palette is a must.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond!
Glass Skin Make up Look is one of the biggest trends of 2020. It’s all about layering hydrating skincare products like moisturizers and face oils to get perfectly plumped, hydrated, glass-like luminous skin. The idea of glass skin make up look is to create a glowing, no-makeup look that would be healthy-looking, radiant, and dewy in all the right places.

Head in the Clouds!
The Scattered Clouds makeup look is currently trending on Instagram. Clouds-on-cheeks makeup look is as mesmerizing and beautiful as it is looking up at the sky these days due to less pollution. You can try this look and can get a perfect selfie under the beautiful sky, and get those extra likes on Instagram!

There Is Beauty In Simplicity!
The heat of summer calls for less of everything including the sheerest, barely minimum makeup on the face. Sheer makeup is all about smart and natural look – and does not mean zero makeup. It gives you transparency with hints of luminosity, and there’s a beautiful, see-through quality. This is becoming a hot trend around the world because it allows your natural skin to shine through and your face to have movement.

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful!
The Monochromatic look goes well with all skin types. If you are not into experimenting with multiple colours, then the monochromatic look is meant for you. This look lives up to its name – as you use shades of the same colour for your eyes, cheek and lips.

Too Glam to give a damn!
Trends come and go but adding glitter to your makeup is something that never goes out of fashion. It’s a go-to look for every party or festival nowadays, and well the day this lockdown gets over and we will finally get to meet our friends will be no less than a party! From sparkling eye shadows, glitter highlighters to glossy lipsticks, this look is a must-try if you haven’t tried it yet.