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ABTP Opens First Center in Gurugram at Daivam Wellness

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ABTP Opens First Center in Gurugram at Daivam Wellness

ABTP and Daivam Wellness, pioneers in their respective fields, have joined forces with the aim to change the way we look at pain management. The new centre at Gurugram offers clients a holistic approach to help their body heal from aches & pains, sports injuries, and lifestyle diseases. They believe in an in-depth assessment and personalised treatment plans, aimed at the reversal of chronic lifestyle diseases, pain management, and delivering a custom data-driven approach to complete wellness.

ABTP has brought to India cutting-edge philosophy in the field of sports science and technology. They provide scientific analysis and treatment to both athletes and non-athletes, ensuring they understand their bodies better and manage injuries and pain effectively to optimize performance. ABTP  and Daivam Wellness complement each other in their approach to help the client return to health. Both companies follow a holistic and 360-degree approach where they treat their clients with an integrative approach. Daivam Wellness is a Functional & Bio Regulatory Medicine Center which offers a host of adjunct therapies which when combined with the accountable and data-driven training at ABTP is expected to help the clients achieve a state of complete wellbeing.

“ABTP has long been an advocate of holistic training. With the Technology used at the centres, the accountable procedures help Athletes, Medical Patients, and Fitness Users work with best practice. Through Daivam, we have found a partner that not only complements the work we do but also helps the benefit of Holistic Physical Excellence reach Gurugram residents from all walks of life!” said Abhinav Bindra, ABTP.

Dr Alok Chopra, Founder and Medical Director, Daivam Wellness said, “We at Daivam, have a science-driven, system-biology medicine approach which is similar to ABTP that looks at the person as a whole, the exposures and how their genetic expression is controlled by lifestyle, nutrition, environment and mental attitude – ABTP and Daivam Wellness together help their clients in reviving their body mechanics efficiently and attaining the state of physical self-awareness.”

Customised treatment plans, Rehabilitation Protocols, Consistent Follow-up Services, Progress Reports, Think-tank of over 30 international global experts are the key assets of the collaboration. Elucidating on the ‘holistic’ healing mechanism at Daivam, Sanjay Sachdeva – Founder & CEO, Daivam Wellness Said, “The foundation of a person’s physicality is their musculoskeletal system, which further has a tremendous impact on their overall wellbeing. The treatments that the ABTP team has developed with years of experience and scientific backing completely align with the intention that Daivam serves to fulfil: enabling the restoration of homeostasis in a person’s life.”

Daivam Wellness is a joint venture promoted by Dr Anand Burman Dabur Group, Dr Alok Chopra, and Sanjay Sachdeva. Daivam Wellness has cultivated 30 international experts, who are practising and researching biological, functional medicine across 14 countries and have a combined experience of 900+ years in Medical Research. They offer dedicated services and natural treatments for patients with heart diseases, gut problems, hormonal imbalance, sexual dysfunction, cancer, autoimmune diseases, obesity, depression and anxiety, toxicity, and various other types of illnesses.

ABTP is a group of Sports Performance and Advanced Medical Rehabilitation Centres, dedicated to using Science and Technology in line with global best practice. With 5 centres across India (Mohali, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi and Bhubaneswar) and 3000+ clients, ABTP is opening its 6th centre in Gurugram at Daivam Wellness.