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“Beauty Industry will Continue to Thrive” Says Inatur Founder Pooja Nagdev

“Beauty Industry will Continue to Thrive” Says Inatur Founder Pooja Nagdev

Aromatherapist & Cosmetologist Pooja Nagdev – Founder, Inatur talks about the new normal for beauty business during COVID-times. 


Beauty Industry during COVID Times:
COVID-19 has attacked the global economy and brought it down on its knees. It goes without saying that the Beauty and Wellness industry hasn’t been spared either. Companies and brands are struggling to keep their business afloat and finding their survival challenging. In these changing times, brands will have to provide an overall package to the customers with a focus on care and product safety. The demand for natural beauty products that are considered safe will be on the rise. Consumer preference will shift to product efficacy, ingredient safety, and function.

The beauty industry is a booming industry and will continue to thrive. The need for skin & hair care and hygiene, along with an aspiration to look groomed and feel good, will drive this industry at a steady pace. Beauty and wellness make one feel more confident about themselves and this will never go away. However, with the closure of Salons, Beauty Clinics, and even Hotels, the bulk-buying of beauty and wellness products have also come to a grinding halt. This will have a negative spiralling effect on both beauty professionals and distributors/manufacturers. We will have to stay cautious and manufacture only what can be supplied and consumed in the market. 

Gamechanger in Retail:
Beauty retail stores are based on networking and trials. For some time, till the coronavirus fear eliminates from the minds of customers, people will hesitate from venturing out. Retailers cannot expect the same walk-in into the stores as before. Customers may want to be left alone in the stores with staff maintaining advised social distance. Store hygiene and sales staff hygiene will play an important role. One will have to give reassurance to the customer that it is safe. Providing door delivery to the customers will add value.

While we are learning about home self-care a lot these days, it’s difficult to replace the power of therapists who have deep knowledge of their subject. They know the concerns and treat them accordingly. The Online Skin consultations will grow in quantum and their frequency and popularity will rise.

Engaging the Customer:
In a situation like this, offline sales will have a shift to online or hybrid platforms. I believe that customer retention will be dependent on online engagement, interaction, and experience. An active communication channel with regular customers can build an effective bridge. This may include, sending reminders to replenish their stocks, introducing new articles, tips, and seasonal care advisories, inviting them to online forums and talks about brand & product benefits. These days technology is everywhere, so reaching out to the customers in tier 1 and tier 2 cities is not an issue through social media and digital channels.

COVID-Driven Innovations:
People trying DIY measures at home for beauty and wellness is the emerging trend in this gloom. They are sticking to the basics, where cleansing plays the most important part. There has been a rising demand for preventive and safe beauty products.

DIY kits that we have introduced in this period have received a great response. As people do not prefer to venture out, they are relying on using complete regimes and facial kits. Do at-home Facial Kits and regimes are more in demand. Since people are at home and not in a rush it’s giving them more time to take care of their skin and hair. These efforts do show the result.

Extending Support:
We believe in continuous CSR efforts. Now, it’s even more needed. We have been working on employment generation. We are ensuring that our employees understand the safety precautions during this pandemic and spread the word around their circles. We have supported a lot of self-help groups by providing them with Hand Sanitizers.

Product Offering:
We use natural products; the origin of all the ingredients is natural and vegan. Some ingredients that we use in the formulation are always organic. We believe that fresh natural herbs bring the best results. We also o
ffer customized solutions for various skin and hair problems.


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