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Bosley Unveils At-Home Hair Restoration Treatment

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Bosley Unveils At-Home Hair Restoration Treatment

Global hair restoration brand Bosley has launched the ‘Revitalizer Laser Hair Restoration system’ – an at-home treatment that claims to promote hair growth. The Bosley Revitalizer is a portable and wearable laser therapy cap that is sai to use clinical-strength low-level laser therapy technology (LLLT) to help stop hair loss, as well as grow, strengthen and thicken hair. It can be used alone, with the Bosley Professional Strength system of topical products or after a surgical hair restoration to maximize the results. The cap is offered in two laser diode strengths.

“With the Bosley Revitalizer, you don’t have to accept hair loss. This breakthrough technology can reverse the process and it is a great non-surgical treatment tool for those seeking effective results,” says Dr Ken Washenik – Chief Medical Officer, Bosley Medical Group.

Low-level laser therapy claims to stimulate hair follicles, improve hair density and reduce the rate of hair loss. The Bosley Revitalizer has been cleared by the FDA to be safe and effective based on clinical studies for low-level laser therapy. Laser diodes concealed discreetly in the baseball cap are said to provide a specific wavelength of light to the scalp, stimulating the tissue molecules that grow and strengthen hair. The high-efficiency lasers claim to help encourage blood flow and rejuvenate cell growth, leading to a thicker, fuller head of hair.

The Bosley Revitalizer laser therapy caps are available for purchase on Bosley’s website and at Bosley locations in the US.