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DermaPuritys Sets COVID19 Safety Measures at the Clinic

DermaPuritys Sets COVID19 Safety Measures at the Clinic

Lalita Arya – Vice President, DermaPuritys details the covid19 Safety Protocol put in place at the dermatology clinic.


The novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) continues to present a severe challenge to global health care, dermatologists need to practice effective safety measures, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other global health organizations, in order to reduce the risk of community transmission and protect our patients, partners, and staff. The dermatologist and other office staff could be exposed to viral infections other than COVID‐19 too — this poses a risk to immune-suppressed patients and employees; those concerned should receive appropriate vaccinations and testing to assess their immune status.


As patients safety and health is the utmost priority, the following SAFE OPD PRACTICES are vital amid this pandemic:

  • Only appointment holders are allowed to enter the premises
  • All the doors in dermatology clinics, including the consulting rooms, are kept open to prevent people from touching the doors while opening and closing it
  • Patients can only enter the clinic wearing masks and after proper hand sanitization
  • After entering the clinic, the patients are supposed to fill the COVID-19 consent and a declaration form
  • The doctors wear the recommended Personal Protective Equipment and sanitizing their hands after every consultation. The doctors and the staff members will be maintaining the one-meter distance from each patient.
  • Doctors and staff members will avoid touching the old documents and files and will analyze the documents from a distance. After analyzing, the patients will then be allowed to enter the doctors’ chamber and will be maintaining a decent distance from the patients.
  • A fresh prescription or the digital mode in which the E- prescription will be provided to each patient, every time they visit the clinic.