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Driving Creativity: OPI Global Educator Chelsea Baart

Driving Creativity: OPI Global Educator Chelsea Baart

Beauty Launchpad gets into an exclusive interaction with OPI Global Educator, Chelsea Baart during her recent visit to India. 

What inspired you to get into nails?
I had a friend who was in a nail school and I was frequently her model. I fell in love with the idea of creating little pieces of artwork on nails and I wanted to be just like the teacher. So, that’s what lead me to educating.

Tell us about your initial days. How did you groom yourself to being an ace nail artist?
Practice. Practice. Practice. My nail school teacher taught us the basics of nail art using lacquer, but I took courses and taught myself how to use other mediums like acrylic and gels. I would test new looks and techniques every spare chance I got and still do.

How has your association with OPI been?
In school our kits were OPI so I have been using OPI for my whole career (16 years) . And I can’t imagine using any other brand. It’s the #1 salon brand worldwide and there is a certain level of prestige that comes along with being associated with that. And of course, the opportunities and experiences that I have been given while working with them have been incredible!

As the Global Educator, what are your key responsibilities?
As a Global Educator, I get to travel the world teaching consumers, nail professionals, and educators all about OPI’s products via presentations and demonstrations at distributorships or trade shows and PR events. I also get to test and give feedback on new product innovations and create new nail art looks for the collections.

What was the agenda of your visit to India?
My agenda in India was to cover the newest product launches in India with a focus on GelColor. We did a few days of training at the Wella Studio in Delhi and then we had some media interactions with local magazines to spread the word about the features and benefits of OPI GelColor. And finally, we created some unique to India content featuring GelColor and local attractions such as the Lotus Temple and Dilli Haat.

What is your opinion of the nail artists in India?
I had the pleasure of meeting some very talented artists who were eager to learn more and perfect their craft.

Which are your favourite OPI products?
GelColor is honestly my favourite product because of its versatility and ease of use. But each category has a shining star. For example, OPI Cuticle Oil to Go is super handy and effective in aiding healthy cuticles and nails. And my OPI Titanium Tools are my precious must-have item for pros.

Which are the predominant myths around nail care?
I would say that the biggest myth around nails is that gel polish or enhancements damage your nails. In reality, poor application, filing technique and improper removal is what does the damage. Always ensure that your nail professional is fully trained and qualified and that they show a deep understanding and respect for the health of the natural nail.

What should be done to promote nail education?
I think it’s important for professionals to remember that there is always something to learn. That no matter how much you know, you can’t know everything and taking classes will elevate your craft and allow you to charge more for your services. It’s a win-win because the client gets a knowledgeable and highly skilled nail tech and the tech gets fairly compensated for his or her skills.

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