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Easy Tips to Keep your Skin Safe from Rigid Pimples

Easy Tips to Keep your Skin Safe from Rigid Pimples

Acne in any form is unpleasant – when they are painful and itchy, the situation gets worse. Pooja Nagdev – Founder, Inatur Ayurveda and Aromatherapy, jots down a few essential tips on how to treat these rigid pimples at home and keep your skin safe.


Our skin comprises of three layers; the topmost layer is called the Epidermis, Dermis is the middle layer and Hypodermis beneath that. The epidermis has small pores on the surface and it absorbs oxygen as well as all the products that we apply on our face to the bottom-most layer. When the topmost layer gets clogged due to impurities and sebum excreted by the oil glands, it leads to acne. Rigid pimples are irritating and hard, that can be on top or underneath the skin. These can be cystic, nodular, painful.

The thumb rule is that one should not touch pimples. Our hands carry a lot of germs and bacteria and it leads to spreading the same and aggravating the situation.

Here are some general daily tips that one must follow to keep your skin safe from rigid pimples:

  • Clean your skin, at least twice a day, with a mild sulphate free face wash. Pick a face wash enriched with natural actives and essential oils such as tea tree oil, basil oil, clove oil, lemon extract, neem extract etc. They carry anti-bacterial properties and curtail the growth of bacteria.
  • Sometimes acne itches and one gets an urge to pick on it. Do not touch your face or rub your acne as this can lead to permanent scars.
  • Say no to exfoliation. Those with oily skin already have open pores and clogged pores, therefore one should avoid scrubbing with exfoliants with granules.
  • Drink lemon juice whenever possible. Lemon works on releasing the toxins from our system. Also, avoid spicy and overcooked food.
  • Say no to chemical-based products; go for natural skincare products that are preserved well.
  • Go for light mineral-based makeup and foundations that are powdery and silica-based. Avoid makeup and foundations that are oil-based as they further clog the pores.
  • Acne is also a result of dryness of the scalp. Apply hair oil to nourish scalp at least once in a week and shampoo twice in a week.

Going with natural products and maintaining good cleansing and toning ritual is all we need to say goodbye to rigid pimples.