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Extend your Limits

Extend your Limits

With science and experience behind it, Kérastase introduces Resistance Extentioniste. Strengthen your hair and reinforce its beauty with this all-new hair care range.

Alot of women desire hair that is beautiful, strong and long, and are always looking to pamper themselves with the best available products. In this quest for stronger, longer hair, Kérastase provides the ultimate advantage – Resistance Extentioniste.

Kérastase has identified three primary obstacles for long hair – breakage at the roots, weakened fibres making the lengths lifeless and split ends. Resistance Extentioniste is a new hair-training programme, which results in visible strengthening of hair from roots to tips.

Harnessing hair science

Kérastase targeted these obstacles directly and worked on removing the factors that prevent damaged hair from reaching its optimal length. Hair experts at L’Oréal laboratories and Kérastase have introduced:

Creatine R is a powerful fusion of Creatine + Ceramides. While Creatine reinforces the bonds and fibre structure, Ceramides act as a shield, keeping the cuticles smooth and moisture locked in.

These key ingredients are ably supported by targeted actives in the new range. Here’s how all the key ingredients work to make Resistance Extentioniste your best option for achieving optimal hair length:

Taurine: Improves resistance of the core of the fibre and improves the roots environment.

Ceramides: Restores the fibre’s cuticle to protect the fibre as it grows.

Creatine: Protects the internal bonds and helps combat the weakening of the fibre.

Acid Maleic: Reinforce and seal cuticles with a uniform coating from root to tip.

Acid Citric: Provides shine and also holds an amazing power to recover the natural strength of the fibre structure.

In-salon Reset with the Bond and Fibre Strengthening Ritual

The Kérastase experience begins with an in-salon personalised camera diagnosis by a Kérastase ambassador. A customer looking for stronger, longer hair is recommended the Extentioniste Programme.

The first step of the programme is the in-salon reset with the Bond and Fibre Strengthening Ritual. It uses a combination of products, application and massage techniques to strengthen, deeply repair and condition hair. It includes the usage of 2 new in-salon exclusive products – Soin 1 and Soin 2. The ritual also includes the use of Serum Extensioniste to activate the scalp and ensure that new hair grows healthy and strong.

At-home workout

Resistance Extentioniste home care range includes Bain Extentioniste, Fondant Extentioniste, Masque Extentioniste and Serum Extentioniste. The shampoo ensures visibly healthy and stimulated scalp environment, while the conditioner has powerful detangling properties. The length-strengthening Masque has power of homogenity – it seals cuticles and leaves a uniform coating from roots to tips. The Serum Extentioniste activates the scalp and strengthens the hair from the roots.

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Creatine RTM is exclusively developed for Kérastase Resistance Extentioniste. This breakthrough technology is combined with active ingredients to work out fiber’s pain points.