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Get them Shaped

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Get them Shaped

L’Oréal Professionnel redefines permanent straightening with X-Tenso Oleoshape, which comes power-packed with nourishing oils.

X-Tenso Oleoshape 10 X 8in Announcer_R06

Indian women love straight hair. Look around you and you will see scores of women flaunting straightened tresses. And that speaks volumes of the in-salon permanent straightening services. Understanding this demand, L’Oréal Professionnel sought to change the straightened hair game with the launch of the all new X-Tenso Oleoshape.

Powerful inside out

The new range has the powerful Thio Complex formula, which has been developed with low odour innovation. It visibly reduces frizz for wavy to curly hair types. Combined with Oil Trio and cationic actives, the hair fibre is nourished and strenghthened during the treatment. A sensorial experience for both hairdressers and customers, X-Tenso Oleoshape has two variants – Resistant and Extra Resistant.

Apart from giving you easy-to-manage, frizz-free straight hair, X-Tenso Oleoshape is actually your no-compromise key. Read on to know how!

No compromise on care

X-Tenso Oleoshape contains a blend of sweet almond, cotton seed and rice oils. Called the Trio Oil, this blend helps in improving hair quality for a more nourished fibre with impressive shine. The Thio Complex and no odour formula enhances the sensorial experience of the customers, while taking care of the hairdresser’s comfort.

No compromise on protection

X-Tenso Oleoshape services can be combined with Smartbond. It is L’Oréal Professionnel’s breakthrough bond reconstructing system, which ensures hair protection and strengthening.

Permanent hair straightening implied steering clear of colouration. Not any more! After X-Tenso Oleoshape treatment you can opt for hair colour with Dia Richesse on the same day. It is L’Oréal Professionnel’s ammonia-free, tone-on-tone colour service. Take your pick from 21 shades for a glossy effect.

Add ‘sleek’ to your hair description with X-Tenso Oleoshape, and remain on-trend always!

Avail your personalized Oleoshape service #ONLYINSALONS