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Godrej Protekt Introduces New Range for Complete Salon Hygiene

Godrej Protekt Introduces New Range for Complete Salon Hygiene

Be it for floors, chairs, doors, as well as for equipment, and appliances, Godrej Protekt’s new range of products promises complete salon hygiene with 99.9% germ protection.

The beauty establishments in the ‘new normal’ will have to ensure higher standards of hygiene. To enable this, Godrej Protekt has launched its new range of hygiene solutions and disinfectants that claim to eliminate 99.9% germs and guarantees risk-free protection from bacteria and virus threats.

Godrej Protekt Air and Surface Disinfectant Spray
A must-have for your everyday cleaning routine. Spray it on hard or soft surfaces like sofas, chairs, furniture, sink and platform, taps, doorknobs, toilet seat, dustbin, delivery packages etc to eliminate cold & flu causing viruses to ensure the air you breathe and the surfaces you touch are free of illnesses. This spray is available in Aqua and Citrus fragrances for INR 190 (240 ml).

Godrej Protekt Multipurpose Disinfectant Cleaner
An anti-bacterial disinfectant cleaner for hard surfaces at home or commercial spaces, this product can be used on glass, mirrors, kitchen platforms, doors, windows, furniture, courier packaging, appliances, TV and other large screens. To use, first dry the surface with a cloth, then spray the disinfectant and wait for 10 seconds before wiping off with a dry cloth. Priced at INR 150 for 500 ml.

Godrej Protekt Reusable P-W95 Face Mask
With a six-layer germ shield, this mask is said to be 99% splash & droplet resistant and offers 95% bacteria, dust, and particle filtration. Available in medium and large sizes, the super breathable mask is priced at INR 240 per piece.

Godrej Protekt Anti-Bacterial Skin Wipes
Moisturizing anti-bacterial skin wipes with 99.9% germs protection, available in compact re-sealable packs for INR 50 (Pack of 10) and INR 120 (Pack of 30), on popular e-commerce shopping platforms only.

Godrej Protekt Disinfectant Surface Wipes
A quick hygiene fix for unclean surfaces, these disinfectant wipes can be used on all surfaces both inside and outside the home, including your gadgets, for protection from germs and bacteria. Available in a Pack of 30 for INR 140 on popular e-commerce shopping platforms only.

Godrej Protekt Instant Hand Sanitizer Sachet
A gel-based formula with more than 60% alcohol that is expected to leave your hands feeling clean and soft with a pleasant fragrance. Comes in a sleek sachet for usage on the go, affordably priced at INR 1 (2 ml). Also available in bottles of 50ml @ INR 25, 100 ml @ INR 50, 200ml @ INR 100, 500ml @ INR 250, and 5000ml @ INR 2500