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Inatur Shares Ayurvedic Tips for Thick and Luscious Lashes

Inatur Shares Ayurvedic Tips for Thick and Luscious Lashes

Aromatherapist, Cosmetologist, and Founder at Inatur, Pooja Nagdev shares ayurvedic remedies to grow you lashes longer and stronger.

The eyes are the most important part of our face. Eyes have a Tej, bright energy that can attract another person. All our feelings of fear, sorrow, happiness, illness, or anger is reflected in the eyes. This is the reason why our eyes are called a reflection of our feelings. The skin around our eyes is very thin and can get easily inflamed or irritated.

Some of us are born with short and thin eyelashes or it can also be a cause of acute illness. Sometimes, short eyelashes may be hereditary. Hormonal changes, dryness on the lids, and ageing can also lead to the breakage of eyelashes. With these ayurvedic remedies, one can grow thick and luscious lashes.

The area around our eyes has sebaceous glands, therefore there is no secretion of oils from the skin. To grow strong eyelashes, one has to use oils that stimulate the blood circulation in the region.

Under Eye and Over Lids

Apricot Oil – 2 drops

Wheat Germ Oil – 2 drops

Saffron Oil – 1 drop

Apply this oil around the eyes before bed with two fingertips, including eyelids, in a circular motion. Leave this overnight to work.

Triphala Oil
Triphala oil is an ayurvedic eye tonic oil that is prepared by mixing harhad, barhad and amla in equal proportions. It helps to improve eyelash growth and eye-sight.

Triphala oil can be applied every night over eyes and lids. It not only stimulates the lash growth, but also activates the third eye, stimulating the brain. It can be applied with a cotton ear bud or a cotton ball. It is advisable to warm the oil before application.

Castor Oil
Castor oil is the best choice for eyelash growth as it is a rich source of natural oils and essential fatty acids, which are nourishing and conditioning. It is a thick oil, doesn’t drip and sticks to the lashes. Apply castor oil to your lashes before bed and notice how your eyelashes grow in a short time.

It can be applied using cotton ball. Applying castor oil on the lashes every day will give thicker lashes. Apply it directly or mix it with almond oil.

Alternatively, you can mix a few drops of castor oil with coconut oil and apply it gently on the lashes with the help of a cotton tip.

Aloe Vera Gel
Extract fresh Aloe Vera gel from a leaf and apply it all around the eyes including lids. Aloe Vera is a natural rejuvenating plant and stimulates collagen synthesis. It also helps to make the area around the eyes soft, firm, and hydrated.

Coconut Oil with Camphor
Coconut oil activated with Camphor/ Kapur, usually used for religious purposes in households, is another great natural remedy for weak lashes. This natural oil is very gentle, making it completely safe to be used around the delicate eye area without any sort of discomfort. The moisturizing and stimulating properties of oil help to strengthen the weak lashes and promotes growth.

Besides all the above, a well-balanced diet and adequate sleep are essential for the above remedies to work. Looking at or touching auspicious objects is also said to be good for the mind and works subconsciously to help the cause.


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