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Innisfree Introduces Limited Edition Paper Bottle Packaging

Innisfree Introduces Limited Edition Paper Bottle Packaging

South Korean Naturalism brand from Jeju Island, Innisfree has brought out a limited edition paper bottle packaging for its Greed Tea Seed Serum. This recyclable packaging is said to be made with 51.8% less plastic than the regular bottle. The outer mould of the bottle is made with paper, while 10% of recycled PolyPropylene is used for the over-cap and the pump collar. It can be recycled after use by separating all the paper portions from the thin inner plastic container and discarding in separate bins. 

The paper bottle edition features the same product content as the original Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum. The plastic material incorporated in the packaging is a thin, inner liner in the container to protect the formula and keep its stability even if the outer paper shell gets damaged and so that the product could be safely used before its expiration date. The limited-edition product also comes in double the size at a 29% discount price – INR 2600 for 160 ml. 

Beauty Green Tea’, Innisfree’s proprietary variety specialized for hydrating the skin, is harvested from Jeju green tea that has deep roots allowing exploitation of freshwater from deep down the soil of Jeju island. It claims to help keep your skin dewy and glowing with 16 kinds of moisture amino acidsTM.

For environmental sustainability, Innisfree promises to make ongoing efforts to reduce waste caused by packaging and expand eco-friendly packaging materials. It aims to have 100% of its plastic waste to be re-usable by 2030. Starting from limited edition products such as the Green Tea Seed Serum Paper Bottle Edition, Innisfree hopes to gradually implementing sustainable packaging into the regular products as well. Though there are some limitations at the moment, the brand believes this edition is an important step, as it represents its sustainability initiatives and ambitions.