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Khadi Natural Resumes Operations Following New Govt. Guidelines

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Khadi Natural Resumes Operations Following New Govt. Guidelines

Having halted its operations due to the nationwide lockdown earlier, Khadi Natural has resumed accepting online orders for PAN India delivery, while taking necessary precautions for safety & hygiene.

Khadi Natural Healthcare is a Delhi based manufacturer offering a wide range of skincare, hand care, hair care, and body care products. The products from Khadi Natural promise to be handmade, herbal, ayurvedic, and natural in nature, which meets the standards of ISO and WHO. 

On 12th May 2020, PM Modi addressed the nation about creating a self-reliant India, being “vocal about the use of our local products,” and reinstating India as the ‘Sone ki Chidiya.’ Khadi Naturals, via its domestic products, is taking a step ahead to weave the dream of self-reliant India.

Mr Gaurav Singh, Managing Director at Khadi Natural Healthcare says “We welcome the government’s decision to allow the delivery of non-essential items. We have collaborated with the best logistics partners who take care of the sanitation during a home delivery. The products are being delivered at the residential areas across India; commercial areas are out of the delivery zone.”

He further adds “We are excited to serve and deliver home-made products at the doorsteps of our customers. We are adhering to all the rules and regulations laid by the government during the production and packaging phase. We will be increasing the production of the anti-bacterial hand sanitizers and hand washes shortly. Our hand washes & sanitizers are made with natural products that are gentle on your hands and help to achieve the moisture that is required.”

Khadi Natural has collaborated with top-notch logistic partners ensuring 100% hygienic delivery and sanitization. They have emphasized on the use of its natural and handmade sanitizers and hand washes.

Khadi Natural Aloe Vera and Lemon Hand Sanitizer is an alcohol-based (70%) gel disinfectant. A natural product, the sanitizer claims to have disinfectant, germicide and antibacterial properties. The small packaging is a set of four (100 ml each) bottles, priced at INR 200. The product is also available in a squeeze bottle of 500 ml and a 5-litre container, which costs INR 250/- and INR 2500/- respectively.

Khadi Natural Hand Wash is said to be made up of herbal active ingredients and extracts from homegrown organic plants such as Neem Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Lemon, Sandalwood, and Rose. These hand washes promise to be gentle on the skin and anti-bacterial nature. They are unique for the fragrance, pH level maintenance and nourishment.