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London to Host Europe India Beauty Summit

London to Host Europe India Beauty Summit

Scheduled to be held on 17 – 18 October 2019, the Europe India Beauty Summit welcomes beauty business leaders, entrepreneurs, and policymakers from India and the European Union. Organised by Europe India Centre for Business & Industry (EICBI) and supported by delivery partner Sivaleen Inc, the summit aims to bring together leading beauty brands as well as disruptive beauty tech start-ups to shape the future of beauty sector in the EU-India corridor. The  Summit will include discussions and interactions at the British Parliament and other locations in London on Day 1 and organise an industrial visit on Day 2. Beauty Launchpad India is a media partner of the event. 

“India’s cosmetic industry is growing twice as fast as markets in the US & Europe. Various reports have suggested that despite being the fastest growing cosmetic market, half of India’s population remains untapped. Through this summit, we aim to provide Indian and EU beauty business leaders access to connections, financing, resources, and strategic insight they need to grow their business in India and the EU. The goal of the summit is to inspire beauty business leaders from the EU and India about the potential of EU-India relations for a deeper commercial relationship in the beauty sector,” says Sujit S Nair, Chairman – EICBI.

Insufficient engagement between beauty sector leaders in the EU and India is one of the major reasons that let Sujit and his team to conceptualise the Europe India Beauty Summit. Through their interaction with several organisations, EICBI found that this was not a sector of interest for trade/government bodies and others promoting business opportunities in UK-India-EU corridor. The research also revealed that beauty and personal care products category in India has crossed US$400 million in internet sales, with the Indian herbal cosmetic industry expected to reach INR316 billion in 2022. Besides, the Global interest in Ayurveda and the expected growth of the natural and organic cosmetic market to US$23.6 billion by 2025 globally, provides tremendous opportunities for Indian cosmetics brands to tap opportunities in the EU market.

EICBI and its associated organisation – British South India Council of Commerce – has been playing a key role in promoting EU India relations during this decade through 21 major business summits at the British Parliament in London and two at the European Parliament in Brussels. These summits have successfully engaged 3150 stakeholders in the EU-India corridor including Members of Parliament from India/UK/EU, policy leaders, bureaucrats, and business leaders amongst others. About 325 speakers have shared their expertise and 2100 companies have participated in the activities too.