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L’Oréal Introduces Bachelors Degree in Hairdressing & Entrepreneurship

L’Oréal Introduces Bachelors Degree in Hairdressing & Entrepreneurship

L’Oréal recently announced the opening of its school dedicated to hairdressing in France, an initiative that demonstrates the brand’s commitment to supporting the transformation of the hairdressing industry. This also includes the creation of a Bachelor’s degree in Hairdressing and Entrepreneurship.

“With over 10,000 job vacancies in France, the hairdressing industry is suffering from a lack of qualified and motivated workers. With the creation of our school and the 1st Bachelor’s degree in ‘Hairdressing and Entrepreneurship’, we want to create an appealing and high-quality course for younger generations, offering comprehensive training which teaches not only technical proficiency but also cross-functional
skills in entrepreneurship and digital. Our ambition is to offer talented young hairdressers the tools they will need to innovate and reshape the customer journey as well as to address consumer’s increasing need for unique experiences,” says Nathalie Roos – President, Professional Products Division, L’Oréal,

Located in Paris in the 14th arrondissement, the new campus will open its doors in early 2020 to welcome 150 students each year from a wide range of backgrounds. The course will last for 3 years. After completing the training, the young graduates will receive a Bachelor’s degree in “Hairdressing & Entrepreneurship”. With this opening, L’Oréal aims to make the profession more appealing to young people and boost the employability of the second biggest skilled trade sector in France, with a goal to train 10,000 hairdressers in 10 years.

In order to offer the course to as many people as possible, the Bachelor’s degree will be open to young people from the hairdressing industry with a professional qualification, and to candidates with a general or vocational baccalaureate or those looking to retrain for a new career. Before the entrance exam, they can take part in a one-month intensive technical course to achieve the level required for the Bachelor’s degree course.