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Lotus Herbals Backs Up Yogic Secrets

Lotus Herbals Backs Up Yogic Secrets

In yet another strategic investment move, Lotus Herbals Group have acquired 20% stake in Gurugram-based start-up Yogic Secrets Healthcare.

This infusion of capital will propel Yogic Secrets to scale up their operations in India, and also expands horizons in International markets such as USA, UK, Australia and other mature markets.

Yogic Secrets Healthcare was founded by Dr. Anil Khandelwal in 2018, offers a preventive and remedial approach to the prevalence of modern illnesses driven by lifestyle, behaviour and choices. Their offerings are research-based nutraceuticals that support natural health and well-being, manage lifestyle disorders and slow the progression of chronic diseases. The company aims to support healthcare through all stages of life by bridging the gap between ancient knowledge and cutting-edge mainstream medicine through nutritional support supplements as part of a regular diet.

Dr. Anil Khandelwal, Founder and Managing Director of Yogic Secrets, says, “The pandemic has changed the world! Growing health awareness has been a catalyst in India’s colossal growth of the nutraceutical industry. The global crisis has paved the way for building strong immunity using natural herbs and plants. At Yogic Secrets we firmly believe that we can make a difference to society by promoting the benefits of natural and healthy living. All our products are designed per the customers’ needs and backed by clinical studies, scientific rationale, patented ingredients and technology. Yogic Secrets’ nutraceuticals are safe for daily consumption and can effectively prevent disease onset or avert an acute condition from turning chronic.” He adds, “We are highly excited about our partnership with Lotus Herbals given their incredible growth journey driven by their dynamic promoters. With the Lotus Herbals investment opening new horizons, we see a tremendous possibility of catapulting us towards our vision to provide preventive, palliative and curative healthcare.”

Commenting on the strategic investment, Nitin Passi, Chairman and Managing Director of Lotus Herbals, says, “We have a legacy of being pioneers in the herbal beauty & wellness domain. We have been scouting innovative and clinically validated herbal solutions to combat modern day health issues.” “The growth in the herbal segment is exponential and shall contribute to about 30 percent of the nutraceuticals supplements market in India in the coming future. Given people’s growing interest and affinity towards natural and alternative options, we firmly believe that research-based nutraceuticals are a tremendous opportunity globally. He elaborates, “We trust Yogic Secrets’ highly differentiated product portfolio, which amalgamates the best of tradition and science, much like our beauty and wellness ethics. Dr. Anil and his team of world-class scientists, seasoned doctors and expert nutritionists bring cutting-edge scientific research and clinically validated products to consumers. We are glad to support Yogic Secret’s mission and goals by bringing to the world best-in-class research-based nutraceuticals to enhance human life and longevity.”

Over the past two years, Lotus Herbals family office has been strengthening and diversifying its brands and product portfolio with strategic investments and acquisitions in emerging beauty and health care brands. Its most recent investment in Yogic Secrets promises to strengthen the company’s leadership position in the beauty and wellness space. In early October 2022, Lotus Herbals invested in clean beauty marketplace Vanity Wagon in pre-series funding. In January 2022 Lotus Herbals announced a strategic acquisition of a 25% stake in Conscious Chemist, the New age clean beauty, Direct to Consumer brand. In October 2021, Lotus Herbals acquired a 32% strategic stake in Fixderma India Pvt. Ltd., owners of the Fixderma and FCL brand of Dermaceuticals. In September 2020, Lotus Herbals made a strategic investment with the 100% acquisition of the luxury Ayurveda brand SoulTree.

Yogic Secrets is a new-age nutraceutical and health supplement start-up with premium preventive health solutions. Yogic Secrets products are manufactured in cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) licensed facilities using effective doses of the highest quality pharmaceutical grade, highly standardised active nutritional ingredients and plant extracts with optimal absorption. The product portfolio addresses critical therapeutic areas like digestive health, heart health, sleep, stress and anxiety, joints and flexibility, respiratory health, weight management, energy management, immunity building, and reversal of certain diseases. Yogic Secrets Healthcare has recently filed two patents for ground-breaking products to support joint health, flexibility, and gut health.

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