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Maison D’Auraine Launches Health & Wellness Brand ‘Live.Able’

Maison D’Auraine Launches Health & Wellness Brand ‘Live.Able’

Luxury hair, beauty, and personal care conglomerate, Maison D’Auraine launches – a curated line of  “Avant-garde progressive solutions that aims to improve the 360-degree environment for the human race.”

With the change in global consumer attitudes due to the pandemic, there is a steady growth in the launch of ‘clean’ products and increased demand for hygiene products among the older age groups. In such an environment, protective hygiene has become a must-have rather than beauty essentials. comes with a mission “to transform the current and future generations, keeping hygiene, sanitation, and health at the forefront. With its philosophy of “Lets Live, Love, Laugh”, the brand aspires to inspire consumers globally to live full, live well and LIVE.ABLE”. 

Leveraging the spirit of innovation, Arpit Jain – Founder and Managing Director at Maison D’Auraine said,The world is changing more rapidly than ever, and consumer preferences will continue to shape with the time to come. With the launch of, we aim to provide products and solutions that aid good health, hygiene, wellness, and fast innovation. Our products are futuristic and use modern principles along with being made from ethically sourced ingredients that truly empower people to live happily and stay healthy.”

Under the brand umbrella of Live.Able, Virusbloc is a line of products that claims to kills 99.99% of virus and bacteria. Itis said to kill the bacteria in simple, efficient and environment-friendly ways and make disinfection extremely potent and practical. Efficacy of all the products is said to be backed by laboratory testing. The multi-dimensional line of products varies from self-use germ protection-based sanitizers and body care to powerful Korean UV-C led tools to disinfect your environment.

As lockdown is easing up and everyone is out and about, there could be a rise in transmission of COVID-19 through different surfaces. Everyone would want to disinfect their new purchases as they bring home groceries/ White Goods/ Jewelry or other items. To solve this concern, Maison D’ Auraine has introduced VIRUSBLOC range of UVC WAND and UVC BOX. Once an object is exposed to VIRUSBLOC WAND or VIRUSBLOC BOX, the device is expected to kill all types of viruses/pathogens from all sides, ensuring each side and surface gets the UVC radiation.