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‘Nature 4 Nature’ Launched, Postioned with a Sustainable Proposition

‘Nature 4 Nature’ Launched, Postioned with a Sustainable Proposition

Onboards Tara Sutaria and Ishaan 

Film producer Anand Pandit and Yash Birla Ventures have joined hands for a new venture, Nature 4 Nature – The complete care range. The brand was launched with an objective to share the message of love and compassion by offering consumers with 100% natural products. The substances used in the creation of beauty products strive to replace the use of harmful & toxic acids with natural ingredients. The complete care range comprises of 14 products across skin and hair category

Yash Birla, Founder,  Nature 4 Nature said, “We want to build a brand that isn’t just concerned with human well-being but also contributes significantly to a sustainable and healthy future. Our objective is to provide our customers with 100% natural products rather than the increasing use of toxic acids. The raw ingredients used in the product and packaging are sustainable in nature and come from all around the country.”

Adds Bollywood film Producer and Founder of Nature 4 Nature, Anand Pandit,  “It is a pleasure to delve into skincare by honoring Indian heritage through ayurveda. Nature 4 Nature is a skincare brand that will commemorate Indian roots by using all natural components and using packaging that is sustainable in nature. We hope to come closer to nature and its people by blending all resources into beauty. The launch is in association with Yash Birla Ventures, and we are eager to hear what our audience think about the quality of products we are offering.”

Nature 4 Nature announced the appointment of two young Bollywood brand’s ambassadors, Tara Sutaria and Ishaan.The brand ambassadors had also shared a teaser of the brand film on their social media handles offering a sneak peek to the fans. The actors will help the brand to transform its enthusiasm into effective messaging.

The hero ingredients are said to have been  sourced from places they are known for, for instance chandan is sourced from Jammu & Kashmir, Cinnamon from Myanmar, Sri lanka, Tamil Nadu &  green tea from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala etc. Nature 4 Nature is reportedly, also planning to offer customers the option to  reuse the same bottle multiple times. The products are in-line with the brand’s aim of creating a world free of harmful chemicals and materials for both the planet and humans. The packaging of the item comes with a QR code which will initiate the process of refilling the bottle thus reducing the amount of waste on the planet.

The brand’s website has been created to provide clients with a personalized experience by proposing products depending on their skin type and concerns. For every product purchased from the website, a fruit tree will be planted in the jungles of Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, increasing the farmers’ income.

Brand film: