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NutriMixology: Brillare’s Natural Therapy

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NutriMixology: Brillare’s Natural Therapy

Indulge in a personalised experience to suit your unique hair & scalp structure.

Beauty Launchpad experienced Brillare’s innovative NutriMixilogy at Simran’s Salon in Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi. NutriMixology is a personalized, natural nutritional treatment to reverse the nutritional imbalance that affects hair and scalp through continuous damage over time. The treatment divided into seven stages can be completed in an hours’ time.

For dry hair ends and oily scalp, Brillare’s experts suggest moisture replenish treatment. The first stage of the treatment consists of pre-treat active oil; a relaxing massage session of this will enhance your mood while giving your hair concern specified solution.

After which, the hair is left wrapped in a hot towel for about 10 minutes. Later, the oil is washed off with the blend of Elementi Puro by Brillare Hair & Scalp cleanser, followed by the Oily Scalp Corrector Shampoo Booster to remove any excess dirt and oil. The Elementi Puro Range of professional hair products is used throughout the treatment. The range that features everything from cleansers to styling products, claims to be enriched with active ingredients like macadamia nut oil, fruit and algae extracts, organic oils, herbs, wheat, oats, soy amino acids, etc that are renowned to boost holistic healing for hair.  Each individual client’s scalp is analyzed and the following stages in the treatment are planned accordingly. For example, if you do not have major scalp concerns like dandruff, hair fall, etc., Nutri Balance scalp and shaft products can be avoided. Moving on to the next step, Moisture Replenish Synergy is used to control frizz and to treat major concern. The next step includes application of Nourishing Conditioning Crème and Conditioner Booster according to hair type evenly throughout the hair ends. After leaving it on for around 10 minutes, the hair is rinsed with normal water. The treatment concludes with styling essentials like Stress Defense Mist and Smoothening Fluid. Stress Defense Mist helps to prevent further damage by styling tools heat or pollution, whereas Smoothening Fluid works best to lock all the nutritional nourishment in hair.

Results: The in-salon treatment is great for intensely damaged hair and is customized as per your hair needs and condition. A complete customized natural treatment is must-try to make your hair look naturally beautiful. The treatment is ideal for people who undergo regular hair coloring sessions, as the Elementi Puro Range provides hydration and aims to restore natural balance. Plus, the therapy leaves with you pleasant fragrance that lasts till your first shampoo, post the salon session. The technicians advise six sittings for visible results and accordingly the price varies, taking into consideration hair length and thickness. Consultation plays a big part in deciding the best course of action.