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Of Captain Marvels & Wonder Women: ANU AHUJA

Of Captain Marvels & Wonder Women: ANU AHUJA

Three inspiring women chalk different paths for their lives and succeed in achieving their goals. Let’s have it from them. — By Meher Castelino

Show Director and Creative Consultant

Anu Ahuja has a 360 degree perspective of the Indian fashion scene for nearly 25 years. Multi-talented Anu was a top model, for prestigious campaigns, she has walked the Ramp for top designers globally, TV personality, and a Brand ambassador for a leading Indian designer brand. She is a leading Show Director and Creative Consultant and Event Director for Femina Miss India Pageant since 2014.

GOALS: 2020 started off with such promise work wise and personally too. However, it did a complete turnaround and I for one have written it off professionally and instead looking at it as a year for personal development – mentally, spiritually and physically, spending quality time with my family, learning how to cook and bake and doing things that I had no time for in my work years. It’s also a year of going back to a way of life that was my Mom’s, Grandmother’s and my childhood. Consuming less, being more sustainable, going local, healthy, using lots of natural techniques and practices in everyday life, eradicating chemicals. The biggest is working on mental health and opening the mind and body to newer ways of thinking and being.

FEMINISM TO ME: On a personal level feminism to me means to be able to live free, take decisions by myself, not be dependent on anyone for my sustenance and not feel the need to compete with men to prove any point. It also means being friends with other women and seeing them as fellow travellers in this journey we call life.

CULT PRODUCTS: I’ve been using products handmade by Dr. Dinyaar Workingboxwalla for a long time. In these Covid-19 times when getting these products have not been easy I have turned to natural cleaners and moisturisers from my kitchen!

How do you perceive beauty for women in 2021?
In these unprecedented times my idea of beauty has changed so much. Beauty is kindness, humaneness, empathy, all that we held dear and perceived as success and beauty has changed. Putting on makeup, beautiful clothes and high heels and nowhere to go. Beauty today is health, nature and peace; having been Covid-19 positive and come out of it, has changed my entire perspective on life!