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Of Captain Marvels & Wonder Women: MONISHA GIDWANI

Of Captain Marvels & Wonder Women: MONISHA GIDWANI

A management and marketing expert by profession, a multi-award winner, Monisha Gidwani equipped with her marketing expertise of 25 years, is a winning combination, which has spearheaded Vimonisha as a premium and most sought-after show for three decades, where designers rely on her branding consultancy and advice to build their brands. Meher Castelino speaks to Monisha Gidwani, CEO, Vimonisha Exhibitions, Events and Consulting on her plans ahead.

GOALS: To  rediscover myself, reinvent, scale new heights, add to Vimonisha with brand consulting that is possible BECAUSE of the pandemic and not INSPITE of it. We find our brands/clients more ready to embrace the digital space now. I have developed a comprehensive 360-degree approach to marketing, for all of our brands and entrepreneurs. Our Vimonisha shoppers were different in 2020 for fashion and jewellery but are also target audiences for other products and services provided by today’s entrepreneurs. Our effective data base management connects the right brand to the right target consumer. I found time to pen a self help book of business hacks and tips for young untrained entrepreneurs.

FEMINISM TO ME: Is to have a world where men are feminists too, and we as a world community work together to help women entrepreneurs build their businesses and achieve financial independence, which to me is imperative if you want to have  your say. With economic independence comes the freedom to be your own person and uplift other women around you.

CULT PRODUCTS: They are Boots No 7 Line Correcting Booster Serum and Shiseido All Day Brightener.

How do you perceive beauty for women?
Beauty is how we handle ourselves through the pandemic and in any difficult situation. It is very easy to look and be beautiful when things are smooth. It’s how we conduct ourselves in adversities and how we are empathetic towards others that bring out the true beauty of our souls.