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PrimeMyBody Partners Donate Beauty to Help Healthcare Workers

PrimeMyBody Partners Donate Beauty to Help Healthcare Workers

PrimeMyBody, a hemp-based skincare brand, is giving back to frontline healthcare workers fighting against COVID-19. Through a partnership with Donate Beauty, the brand has donated $275,000 worth of hemp-based skincare products to frontline healthcare professionals working at 12 hospitals across the U.S.

On receiving hundreds of PrimeMyBody’s NOX Airless Pumps and Sachets, Hydrate Pure moisturizer and Hempening Vanilla lip balm products for emergency staff at St. David’s Medical Center in Texas, Samantha Wright said, “On behalf of the nurses, doctors and techs of SDMC ER, I’d like to thank PrimeMyBody for their kindness and generosity! It has changed our drab ‘mask skin’ to fresh and glowy skin.”

As essential as they are, the masks and protective facial gear safeguarding frontline healthcare workers and their patients are causing a number of skin issues when worn for extended periods of time. Trapped heat, humidity, bacteria, and constant contact with abrasive materials are causing rashes, pimples, skin irritations and visible trauma. Long-term glove use and repeated hand washing are leaving most healthcare workers with severely dry, cracked skin, and in many cases causes bleeding.

“I’m proud to be donating these skincare products to those that are on the frontlines and hope that they provide even a small sense of normalcy and inner beauty for these amazing warriors,” says PrimeMyBody CEO, Paul Rogers.

Said to be crafted with organically sourced hemp compounds and ethically-sourced botanical ingredients, PrimeMyBody’s skincare products are formulated to work with the body to balance skin health, improve skin strength, and protect skin composition from the harshest of elements.

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