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Rejuvenate your skin post the Diwali indulgence

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Rejuvenate your skin post the Diwali indulgence

You looked your best over the weekend with gorgeous makeup on and partied hard, indulged in sweets and stayed up late at night and celebrated Diwali with full energy, but now your skin needs a break. Get that glow back again from Power c+ treatment by Skeyndor. Power C+ is the most powerful anti- oxidant ever created to get rid of Photo-ageing, hyper- pigmentation, tanned, dull and dry skin. It contains the highest concentration of Vitamin C (21%) in absorbable and non-toxic from to give relentless anti-oxidant activity.

So Power C+ is a Brightening Anti-Oxidant Treatment. The treatment is divided in 4 steps. Pure C Concentrate, Pomegranate Concentrate, Aloe Vera Mask and Energizing Cream.

Pure C Concentrate: Concentrate for giving instant light and radiance to the skin. It contains a high concentration of absorb acid, together with other natural acids that quickly improve the skin’s appearance.

Pomegranate Concentrate: Fluid rich in anti-oxidant properties, made with high content of grenadine extract. Its anti-free radical action complements the activity of the concentrated ascorbic acid, creating a radiant light effect.

Aloe Vera Mask: Creamy mask made with Aloe Vera, with a calming refreshing effect. For use on face, neck and cleavage.

Energizing Cream: Day cream with high absorption of Vitamin C and Grenadine extract, anti- oxidant combination for a more radiant light- effect.

Available at: All Geetanjali Salon