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Revealed: Lisa Haydon’s Beauty Sleep Secrets

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Revealed: Lisa Haydon’s Beauty Sleep Secrets

The New Nutritive 8H MAGIC NIGHT SERUM by Kérastase — Lisa’s latest favourite from the haircare brand she has sworn by for the past 10 years, nourishes and repairs hair overnight to leave it soft and healthy with an uplifting fragrance in the morning.

The Beauty Sleep Formula

The 8H Magic Night Seruminfused with a blend of 5 Vitamins & Iris Root Extract,  provides a heightened sensual experience with a signature evolving fragrance that enhances relaxation at night and becomes an energizing scent by morning.

IRIS ROOT EXTRACT – Nourishes over 8 hours. Reverses daytime loss of nutrients and creates a smooth topcoat on each fibre.

5-VITAMIN BLEND – Provides progressive nutrient penetration anchored into the fibre. Seals cuticles with a satin finish.

Designed to be used just before bed, with no washing or wetting required, it contains highly penetrating ingredients that completely disappear overnight. No product remains on the hair in the morning. What’s left behind is soft, manageable hair with a satin finish. Now wake up to beautiful hair everyday.

45% of women use overnight treatment in their skincare routines, saving the most concentrated, powerful products for nighttime use. 8H Magic Night Serum does this for intensive overnight hair nutrition, extending professional luxury care to a bedtime ritual. The luxurious, silky serum goes on effortlessly, slowly transforming the hair over 8 hours.

Actor, model and biggest digital friend of the brand, Lisa Haydon lives her life to the fullest. Constantly on the move, finding new adventures, and discovering new locales is all part of her allure! And when it comes to her hair, she is just as experimental. From mermaid-like platinum to a short brunette, her hair has been to all extremes. Through it all, Lisa has trusted her haircare with one brand – Kérastase.

“Knowing I have a hair care brand that I love and trust has been a major plus for me all these years. Kérastase has now taken hair care to the next level by introducing a new beauty sleep serum, which is a simple addition to my nighttime routine and I am very excited about it! Who doesn’t want hair that is deeply nourished, soft and tangle free every morning when you wake up! It’s definitely magic,” she says.

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