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Royal Retreat

Royal Retreat

Isha Gakhar takes a tour of the resplendent Ranbanka Palace and emerges rejuvenated.

From the colourful tales emanating from the grand havelis to the brisk breeze sailing through the desert sands, Rajasthan’s Blue City is a traveller’s paradise. A unique travel moment here might sound out of bounds but amidst the grandeur of Ranbanka Palace you’ll find a staycation worth the indulgence of modern royalty.

Ranbanka Palace ­

The name itself resonates luxury. Royal heritage translates into every aspect of your stay here, including wellness. ‘Spa by the Baradari’ is a 1050 sq. ft. abode of holistic healing with body treatments in a tranquil atmosphere. It’s easy to imagine yourself in the days of yore when the royals were pampered in similar settings. Apart from the rejuvenating massages, wellness services at Ranbanka takes on an exclusive character with attention to detail.

A royal destination wedding here would be a dream come true. You can plan a little celebration within the grand indoor spaces or outdoors by the pool, with the wellness experts putting together a pamper session for the guests.

Stepping into Ranbanka and breathing in the air of opulence itself is an energy booster with the ambience complementing your wellness at this embodiment of Rajasthani royalty.

Since Jodhpur is on the bucket list for destination weddings, Ranbanka pays attention to holistic healing for body and mind. My experience here was inspired by ancient Rajasthani royalty and infused with modern day pleasures.

A wellness retreat…

My sojourn at ‘Spa by the Baradari’ was a royal experience. For a place that is synonymous with opulence, the spa does justice to the concept of royal body treatments. From the els ornate foot massages to back massages and facials, the Ranbanka ensures precision, attention and a holistic healing experience in each of their services.

Beauty Launchpad engages Sayyed Mohasinali, Deputy General Manager, Ranbanka Palace, Jodhpur on the wholesome heritage and wellness experience the place offers to its to guests.

What can you tell us about the history of spa culture in the area? Did Rajasthani royals have any specific liking for spa treatments?

The origins of spa therapies go back to prehistoric times with the belief in their curative powers. And, when we talk of Rajasthani royals, yes, of course, there was always a liking for spa treatments. But, even then there was a cross pollination of culture, tradition, therapies and healing massages that the royalties of Rajasthan had access to. So, the spa, at our property, has deep roots, having grown from some of the most long-standing health practices of the bygone era.

How can you offer a wholesome heritage experience to guests, involving the wellness aspect as well?

The spa at Ranbanka Palace echoes age-old beauty rituals, the rejuvenating power of touch, and divine smells chosen to promote biological change and harnessed from an incredibly rare level of organic purity. The exquisite ‘Spa by the Baradari’ at Ranbanka has been commended for its signature therapies. The scent of the kewara greets the guests, as they enter this haven of tranquillity.

The spa offers a complete bouquet of re-energising and revitalising packages. A highly-skilled team of experts, at the spa, makes use of exclusively prepared skincare products, created only from the purest ingredients.