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Schwarzkopf Professional Launches BC FibreClinix

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Schwarzkopf Professional Launches BC FibreClinix

With Triple Bonding & C21 along with Bonacure’s Micellar Technology, Schwarzkopf Professional’s new BC Fibreclinix claims to set a milestone in hair reparation with customised services for different hair types. Repeated chemical or mechanical influences like colouring, straightening, smoothening and even pollution is known to weaken inner and outer hair structure, resulting in porous and dull hair lacking strength and prone to breakage. BC FibreClinix aims to tackle this issue and ensure that virgin hair quality is achievable.

Earlier this year, Schwarzkopf Professional’s care brand BC Bonacure had relaunched its full range with integrated skincare-inspired ingredients and Micellar Technology, to deliver advanced haircare products – both in the salon and at home. Now, with the new BC FiberClinix in the portfolio combined with a new range of hyper-customizable Boosters, the repair process is expected to allow hairdressers to create bespoke, tailor-made salon services for their clients.

Three-Step Process to Virgin Hair Quality
Growing awareness of on-trend technologies has made consumers prefer professional products that deliver fully personalised solutions. BC FibreClinix claims to offer a totally customizable salon exclusive 3-step regime that targets all hair types – Cleanse, Treat and Boost.

CLEANSE with BC Fibre Clinix Tribond Shampoo: Prepares the hair structure for a personalised BC Fibre Clinix Treatment.

TREAT with BC Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatment for coarse or fine hair: Connect the inner hair bond for improved resilience and strength, whilst the outer hair structure is sealed for better manageability and shine.

BOOST with a choice of BC Fibre Clinix Boosters: Each BC Fibre Clinix Booster is mixed with the relevant BC Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatment to create customised care that targets inner and outer hair damage for specific hair needs. The boosters are –

  • BC Fibre Clinix Peptide Repair Rescue Booster for damaged hair
  • BC Fibre Clinix Hyaluronic Moisture Booster for normal to dry/curly hair
  • BC Fibre Clinix pH 4.5 Color Booster for coloured hair
  • BC Fibre Clinix Collagen Volume Booster for fine hair
  • BC Fibre Clinix Keratin Smooth Booster for unmanageable hair

The effects of a BC Fibre Clinix service are said to last for up to 60 days – by using a BC Bonacure at home care range that matches the recommended BC Fibre Clinix Booster.