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Schwarzkopf Recommends AM PM Routine

Schwarzkopf Recommends AM PM Routine

Professional haircare brand Schwarzkopf suggests a set of products that can be recommended for the consumer placing it as part of their regular hair care regime which may comprise of cleansing, treating, protecting, rebalancing and nourishing.

The morning hair care routine may include the BC Bonacure shampoo which is reportedly, loaded with liquid keratin, may be a panacea to clients’ dull and damaged hair problems and the  Micellar technology enables it to be gentle on hair without depleting it of its inherent moisture.  All this makes it an excellent product for you to suggest to your clients.

After shampoo,  the use of the BC Bonacure conditioner which has a ‘Peptide Repair Rescue’ formula to improve the elasticity of the hair.  It makes hair more manageable and less frizzy by smoothening the porous surface of the hair. SKP’s Nutri shield serum that is an intensive leave-in fluid is then to be applied that protects the hair.  This is a double serum with the Cell Perfector and Reversilance technology that protects  hair surface and minimizes the damages due to heat that happen during and after styling.

Oil Ultime  curated with the goodness of argan and barbary fig oil,  is lightweight, non-greasy blend of oils  that nourishes the hair shaft and is being suggested as an integral part of regular hair routine.

BC Bonacure Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Spray conditioner is advised for mid-day application-  suitable  for all types of hair from normal to dry, brittle and even curly hair.  The product has hyaluronic acid which is meant to tame unruly hair and helps retain moisture.

The BC Scalp Genesis offers a complete range of silicon free products that protects and repairs sensitive and flaky scalp thereby reducing hair loss and problems like irritation and dandruff.

In case there are  no scalp issues, an application of the rejuvenating Oil Ultime at the end of the day is ideal to conclude the hair care routine.