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Spiritual and Religious Tattoos Trends during the Festival Season

Spiritual and Religious Tattoos Trends during the Festival Season

This year, get inked in the spirit of Goddess Durga to ward off the evil eye.

These challenging and uncertain times have brought about several drastic changes; we are all trying to adapt to a new normal. But thankfully some things never change like the festive cheer. The raging COVID- 19 pandemic has not deterred the tattoo enthusiasts from keeping up their excitement, especially during the festive season as it brings positivity and spirituality.

Getting a tattoo is truly a form of self-expression, and tattoos are gaining popularity during Indian festivities. Both men and women are keen on getting tattoos that signify the importance of their tradition with a combination of ideas that are an extension of their personality. This year, despite the pandemic, youngsters are showing their love for artworks that help spread the message of good over evil by getting religious tattoos – especially during festivals like Navratri/Durga Puja, Ganesh Chaturthi etc..

The trend of people wearing art on their skin to reflect their faith or religion is becoming a style statement. With the arrival of Navratri and other festivals around the corner, there has been an increase in the number of spiritual or religious tattoos. Youngsters would come up with their tattoo designs in the form of images, symbols, sacred words etc. to show their love for Goddess Durga.


Veteran tattoo artist, Lokesh Verma, Founder of Devilz Tattooz says,Despite the pandemic the loyal art lovers are coming to get inked this Navratri. There is always a rise among women to get inked during Navratri as a form of flaunting the body art & spreading the message of equality & women empowerment to the society by getting tattoos of Goddess Kali & Durga which represent power, harmony & strength. Religious Tattoos are a symbol of faith & good luck for many to stay positive & believing the god & goddess is near protecting them from the evil.”

Celebrity tattoo artist, Vikas Malani, Founder of BodyCanvas Tattoos adds, “While the women have been getting tattoos that are inspired by or directly related to the Mother Goddess Durga, or traditional tribal tattoos like rabari, decorative henna-like tattoos; the men either get bigger tattoos that depict the story of the Ramayana or the victory of good over evil. The most relatable tattoos are those of Goddess Durga, Ravana, the symbolic representation of the trident or Trishul, the lotus flower that signifies purity and harmony, and the tiger/lion tattoos that signify power and strength.”

International artist, Micky Malani, Co-owner of BodyCanvas Tattoos says, “A lot of women come to us during Navratri for tattoos that give out a very strong social message. While some get colour/black and grey tattoos done of the beautifully fierce eyes of Maa Durga, some women also like to get ornamental tattoos like that of an anklet/bracelet that compliments the overall get up of their Navratri outfit. A few couples also come together to get tattoos done that represent the bond they share along with some cultural/traditional touch.”