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The South Korean makeup brand Etude has completed 2 years in India. A brand that positions itself in a play makeup culture with fun, bold, electric and innovative products, – a signature of Korean brands that are high quality and mind boggling innovative. Celebrating Etude Energy 2.0, the brand highlights some key products that are fun – packing a punch with delightful colours and in trend youthful merchandising.

  • ETUDE Powder Rouge Tint (Shade : RD301 Nude Red)
  • The rouge power tint is made rich with pigment that leaves an intense depth of color on the lips. This dense yet flexible formula leaves a weightless finish. This iconic lip tint is available in 8 glamorous red shades.

ETUDE Dear Darling Water Tint (Shade : PK004)
Dear Darling water gel tint provides a vibrant & vivid tint to the lips. Hydrating and refreshing fruit juice! Soap berry extract containing abundant minerals and vitamins creates nourishing and refreshing natural luscious lip makeup.

ETUDE Play Color Eyes Cherry Blossom
The 10-color eye shadow palette colors eyes with pink colour resembling cherry blossoms dancing in spring. shades. The highly adhesive & soft texture promises to deliver vivid colour pay off and helps the pearls last all day without cracking or settling in fine lines.

ETUDE Mirror Holic Liquid Eyes (Shade : PK002)
Liquid eyeshadow with fancy metallic glitter, sparkles like a shiny mirror ball. It is meant to provide a quick fix with a unique metallic colour that makes for a delicate layering effect.

In keeping with the brand’s philosophy: “Every woman was born a dignified and beautiful being that deserves to be loved”, Etude aspires to ensure everyone can enjoy the culture of “Makeup Play”.

Priced between Rs.200 to Rs. 2000 the brand gives a great option to explore makeup.

Photo: Alice AliNari from Pexels_3257307