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The Hair Makeup Edit By MATRIX

The Hair Makeup Edit By MATRIX

The 2019 trend collection features a combination of haute hair highlighting techniques with three looks inspired by iconic make-up trends

Makeup has always been a form of expression ever since we realised its power to enhance beauty. Strobing, Contouring, Highlighting and more of Makeup’s magical techniques have taken the world by a storm – but now, people are also realising the potential of hairstyles and colour in enhancing their personalities. It’s time to mix these together and introduce you to hair colour looks inspired by makeup. MATRIX presents its trend collection 2019 – The Hair Makeup Edit – that goes beyond the conventional ideas of hair colouring techniques and blurs the line between hair colour and makeup. With more and more people willing to experiment with their hair colour and styling, MATRIX’s new collection features an array of shades ranging from tones of red, gold and mocha. It’s not just about covering greys anymore – hair colour is truly the new makeup. The key is to adopt the right technique and palette that suits you best!

The Inspiration
MATRIX presents Hair MakeUp Edit – Trend Collection 2019. Three looks inspired by some of the most iconic, timeless makeup trends that have dominated runways, red carpets and fashion magazines season after season. The shades used in this collection complement Indian skin tones and hair colour and comprise of SoColor Reds, Golds, and Mochas. All very popular with Indian women!


Ruby Red Strobe
Inspired by the most iconic beauty trend of all times — the bold red lipstick, this look sparks equal parts glamour and rebellion. It can be created using SoColor shades #5.68, #6.68 & SoRed RV. The colour technique used on this look is Strobing. Strobing is a technique where you place highlights in key areas of the hair to draw attention to your facial features.






Golden Glow Blush
Inspired by gorgeous shimmering highlighters that are the ruling makeup trend worldwide, MATRIX’s version of this sun-kissed effect diffuses golds to add a pop of glow. It is created using SoColor shades #5.3 and #7.3. The colour technique used here is Colour Blush On wherein the colourist layers on freehand highlights to a global colour while it develops.






Smokey Mocha Melt
A twist on the sultry smoky eyes that has been in vogue since time can tell, MATRIX has swapped the usual palette of blacks and greys for mochas! Created using SoColor shades #5.8, #6.8 and #7.8. The technique used here is Colour Melting, wherein one flawlessly blends multiple colour hues to create a “melted effect” so that one cant tell when one colour ends and the other begins.



Go to the nearest Matrix salon and consult your stylist to get your favorite amongst these looks!