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The need for using gentle products for newborns

The need for using gentle products for newborns

A baby’s skin is extremely thin and delicate, making it more prone to experience irritations and skin disorders. Offering them with the greatest possible care and following a hands-on skin care regime on a daily basis is essential. From daily moisturizing to massages it is important to know the type of products to use and how they benefit or harm a baby’s skin, before making an informed choice.

Multiple substances used to manage moisture, prevent bacteria, and make bottoms smell nicer have the potential to harm a child’s health as well as the environment. Given how harmful chemical imbued baby care items can be to our environment, an increasing number of parents recognize the value of eco-friendly natural & biodegradable baby care products, which are increasingly available in the markets and online shopping stores.

To say that a babies’ skin is shielded against harsh chemicals and potentially harmful substances is an understatement. Cetaphil’s team of experts suggests these 5 benefits of using gentle baby care products:

  • Organic: Since they are organically manufactured, the substances in such baby care products are completely safe and hygienic for both babies and the environment. They are free of micro-plastics, nano-particles and genetically modified organisms. They reduce the risk of irritations, rashes, provide resistance against harmful bacteria and decrease the risk of coming in contact with toxins.
  • A sustainable future: The landfills are overburdened with baby care products like disposable wipes that contain excessive levels of dangerous chemicals and materials like superabsorbent polymer. Biodegradable and eco-friendly baby care products ensure a better environment for us today and a sustainable future for our children tomorrow. Opt for biodegradable wipes that are also gentle on your baby’s skin
  • Vitamin absorption: Baby products like, daily lotions, massage oils, baby wipes, diapers, baby soap and shampoo must contain vitamins like Vitamin B5 & Vitamin E to ensure that the babies skin is conditioned and also protects against skin cell damage
  • Natural ingredients: Baby products that are made from natural ingredients like viscose (obtained from trees), aloe vera, vitamin E, calendula, shea butter, natural fibers and recycled materials which help in reducing the consumption of cotton which more than often consists of pesticides and insecticides, that are harmful for a baby’s sensitive skin
  • Paraben-free: Baby products should be paraben-free as they help prevent allergies and hormonal imbalances in a baby that leads to mood swings, disturbances, disturbances in sleep cycle and metabolism

The greatest gift you can give your little ons as a responsible parent is to ensure that they grow up in a clean and safe environment. After all, the more environment friendly and chemical-free you are, the healthier a child and the environment will be!

Article by Dr. Pawan Kumar, Pediatrician, Hyderabad
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