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Zara Beauty debuting from December 2022 in India

In what maybe an interesting addition to the vanity bags of Indian makeup enthusiasts, the Spanish Fashion brand, Zara is in the process of debuting its first ever comprehensive Beauty collection. Positioned as an inclusive collection of products that anyone – regardless of skin colour, gender, age or personal style – will want to use, each  product is said to have highest performance ingredients, clean formulas, and refillable packaging.

British makeup artist Diane Kendal, who has created some of New York, Paris and Milan’s most memorable runway looks and iconic photographic collections, is the creator of this  collection that includes products for eyes, lips, face and nails.

The team in Spain and Diane (based in New York) are said to have had virtual interactions and ideation over a year  before finalising the lineup. She says – “When Zara approached me to lead the creative direction of Zara Beauty, I saw an opportunity to make something that everyone would want to use. Zara has always reached such a diverse audience, and I wanted to bring that same big vision to beauty with a collection that is clean, refillable, and accessible to all. I am really proud of what we have created: an expansive array of consciously unique formulas for eyes, lips, face, and nails. To have this breadth of color and sense of playfulness, while also being clean and using high-quality ingredients, is something that hasn’t really existed before. Through a multiplicity of faces and looks, the
collection celebrates what I believe to be most important in our industry: there is no beauty, only beauties.”
Zara Beauty’s Eva Lopez-Lopez adds,  “Our goal was to create something truly inclusive in which many can participate – innovative products with a playful, personal and individualistic character, all made with the high-performance ingredients and true colour innovation. Those were mutual ambitions that we shared with Diane, so she is the perfect person for us to work with.”
New York and Paris based creative agency, Baron & Baron, have developed  custom packaging. Inspired by the “Z” from the Zara logo itself – the entire line is on a slant the packaging is re-fillable and designed to enhance the experience of using each product that it contains. Baron & Amp; Baron also developed the brand concept, the launch and strategy and the 360 creative, digital and social program.
Says Fabien Baron  “Instead of gearing their concept towards specific targeted markets, which is something very common in the beauty industry, Zara has opted to cover the entire market with a groundbreaking line that is flexible with its products to obtain any look for any beauty. This is what inspired our overarching brand message, of celebrating something for everyone.”
Zara Beauty is available with an integrated virtual ‘try on’ features at and currently at the store at DLF Promenade, New Delhi with more stores across India to follow.
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