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TIGI SOS Extreme Recover System – The Salon Hero

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TIGI SOS Extreme Recover System – The Salon Hero

Now is the best time to refresh hair care routines and get that much-needed detox, so that hair can recover from all the festive styling stress. TIGI® Copyright SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment helps renew the vitality of hair in just five minutes! You can now transform your clients’ dry and chemically-treated hair in just one go at the salon.

Nobody likes damaged hair, but it is impossible to avoid with regular colour services, heat exposure, etc. Hair can get weaker over time even by just styling it. Luckily, repairing previous heat damage and returning hair to its former glory is now possible with the new salon hero TIGI® Copyright SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment. This expert treatment system repairs and reconstructs your clients’ hair from the core and gives it the tender love and care it needs, making it your new Salon Hero.


Hair is composed of keratin, a type of protein that loses its structural integrity as hair gets weaker with damage. The protein loss due to hair damage can be up to 3x higher, which leaves gaps and tears in the inner fibre and cracks in the external structure fibre.

SOS Extreme Recovery System restores the hairs’ natural protein by putting new bricks of hydrolysed protein into the missing areas and helps in strengthening connections between fibres, thereby reinforcing damaged areas and restoring the fibre integrity.


Black Rice – to fortify the hair fibre from within

Keratin – for hair’s structural integrity and strength

Elastin – to increase hair flexibility, making hair less prone to breakage

Marine Collagen Amino Acids – gives form and strength to the hair fibre


  • 100x more keratin than using shampoo and conditioner
  • One treatment helps restore 1 year’s worth of lost protein
  • Does not impair colour performance
  • Improved hair condition limits restrictions for colour services

Get your clients’ hair ready for a fresh start with this magic recovery treatment!