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#WomenAcheivers – Beauty, Feminism & Goals in 2020

#WomenAcheivers – Beauty, Feminism & Goals in 2020

Three women achievers from diverse professional spaces share their thoughts on beauty, feminism, and more. — By Meher Castelino

Cosmetic Dermatologist / Author

Dr Jaishree Sharad, India’s leading celebrity cosmetic dermatologist since the last two decades, is the founder and medical director at Skinfiniti Aesthetic Skin and Laser Clinic in Mumbai. The multi-award-winning author of several books such as ‘Skin Rules’, was voted as one of the ‘50 Outstanding Women in Health Care’ at the World Health Congress Annual Awards in 2017. She has also won numerous beauty awards and is on the board of directors at the International Society of Dermatologic and Aesthetic Surgery.

2020 Goals: My aim is to bring the essence of skincare/hygiene to Mumbai slums and rural areas. Train more dermatologists in aesthetic dermatology. There are so many unqualified people in the beauty business whose claim to fame is huge sponsorships at popular beauty pageants and events, thus overshadowing qualified dermatologists. I also aim to bring awareness among people that a little skincare/therapy can help in being confident.

Feminism to me: Means being accepted the way I am, without being judged or ridiculed upon. It means being successful in whatever I do. It means to be happy in my own space and do what I am passionate about. It means working and earning credibility and respect for who I am and having my own identity. It means not being in the shadow of anyone ever.

Cult products: Cleanse with Creme Lavante face wash by Uriage, hydrate with Sesderma C-VIT moisturising cream and Fotoprotector fusion water sunscreen by ISDIN. At bedtime, ISDIN Micellar water make-up removal lotion, Obagi professional C-serum on face/neck, and Filorga time-filler cream – a collagen booster with anti-ageing benefits, and Sesderma K-VIT under-eye serum.

How do you perceive beauty for women in 2020?
Beauty is about loving ourselves the way we are. Beauty in 2020 would be drifting towards more natural features, being confident in our own skin and with our unaltered features. Beauty does not have to be the perfect features, hair or skin colour or defined by social media and others, but a reflection of our soul. Minimalistic treatments such as non-surgical skin tightening, collagen booster injections, anti-ageing creams, fillers to lift your face etc. would be the trend, rather than trying to have pillow faces, duck lips or tightly pulled faces and ape the celebrities/stars.


International Jewellery Designer

Indra Jadwani’s 2 decades’ experience as a top, niche, jewellery designer has seen her creations launched on the global platform in cities like Las Vegas, Dubai, Bangkok, Hong Kong and many more. Multi-award winner, popular jury member, in-demand jewellery consultant and mentor, Indra’s bold and unique day wear jewellery, the ‘Athena’ collection by Emerald Jewels was launched at IIJW 2014.

2020 Goals: To create a Brand – ‘Indra Jadwani’, which is affordable, trendy, well-fabricated, and known to every wearer, not only to the masses but also to the young generation of today. They would be my buyers and who would be loyal to the ‘Indra Jadwani’ designs.

Feminism to Me: I loudly say I am a Feminist. Right from the practice of Sati, to the rape on women these days, I strongly feel the need for women empowerment. I am a rebel who doesn’t care what men think, and live my desired life, but not all the women have the courage to do so. I want women to have more rights, social stature, and the freedom of justice and independence.

Cult Products: I am a complete brand freak. I love brands that care about their clients and reach out to them. I love Dior for my skin and use the Dior Forever skin compact every day, which has SPF20. This protects my skin from pigmentation and makes me look fresh every day. Also, love the Dior Lip Plumping Gloss.

How do you perceive beauty for a woman in 2020?
Beauty for me is skin deep. I am fond of presentable smart bodies than beautiful faces. I could be beautiful and not fit – that doesn’t go with my identity. I prefer being less fair, but more attractive in my style and my body. A fit, smart, and worked-out body inspire people to be in their company. 2020 for me is smart, fit and classy. Women should flaunt their curves with grace.


Founder & Creative Director Warp ‘N Weft

Born in Banaras, Sagrika Rai, Founder & Creative Director of Warp‘n Weft, Mumbai, spent her childhood romancing weaves. She has been recognised for her efforts in the conservation and promotion of the heritage textile of Banaras and providing employment to the weavers for over two decades.

2020 Goals: There is a significant increase in demand for Banarasi amongst all age groups. I want to educate them about the character of ‘pure handloom’ vs ‘power loom’ and ‘pure silk’ vs ‘silk blends’ flooding the markets and baffling customers. I would like to educate the wearer the minutiae of a ‘hand weave’ and the degree of skill that embodies the native craft and establish it at an international level.

Feminism to Me: Feminism, to me, is a responsibility like no other. I see a woman as the bearer of life. I see her as the focal point of mankind. I see her as the creator and the giver. I see her as the force of balance. I see her as an epitome of strength. We need to push for greater change in society, and champion women and diverse voices on our cultural landscape. I stand for equal opportunities, freedom of choice, and liberation.

Cult Products: I am drawn to natural, traditional and home-grown products. My weekly ritual includes Forest Essentials and Aarohi for hair and skin. I am loyal to Jo Malone’s Lime, Basil, Mandarin body wash, L’Occitane’s Almond Shower Scrub and Oil. I must have my Dior eyeliner and lipsticks.

How do you perceive beauty for a woman in 2020?
Someone I’d define as beautiful reflects my values, which is why beauty is personal; it’s also universal. Beauty to me is also very much about inclusivity. The idea of beauty has shifted dramatically with the billion-dollar beauty business, technology, digital media, and fashion playing crucial roles. Natural looks and skincare routines started becoming popular in 2019. Today, diversity and inclusivity are key topics on beauty; we are embracing the change and that has opened up our minds and hearts.