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#WomenAcheivers – Poonam Soni

#WomenAcheivers – Poonam Soni

Poonam Soni’s path-breaking journey started in 1989, creating jewellery and handcrafted miniature paintings on canvas, inspired by Gaudi Architecture. Poonam’s jewellery is coveted by global buyers since she travelled with Prince Albert’s Eco-Art Tour, interacted with Michael Kors, and showcased at Incredible India in Paris.

Speaking to Beauty Launchpad, Poonam shares her thoughts on beauty, feminism, and goals in 2020.

How do you perceive beauty for a woman of 2020?

The woman of 2020 will celebrate humanity and not just feminism as she emerges to a new level of wisdom and secure thinking. She will be the fulcrum to emit strength positivity and power to fight challenges, not only at home but also on a world stage. She will emerge not to revel in her power but to respect the power of others.

What are your 2020 Goals?

We celebrated 30 years in 2019 by giving benefits of gratitude to our clients. 2020 will be a new era, re-evolving and restricting our jewellery and brand. From fusion, multimedia, materials and colours, we will focus on gold and monochromatic looks with a new fashion line for millennials. For loyal buyers, it will be Poonam Soni designed gold coins with vintage motifs as jewels and focus on global online customers.

What is Feminism to you?

Feminism to me is strength, compassion and power, which is complementary to the other half of humanity. Feminism is a celebration, compatible with any situation. It gives and derives power from the environment to create a harmonious fusion in this world. Feminism is rejoicing as it empowers others. As a Buddhist practitioner for 15 years, I truly believe in this.

What are your cult beauty/wellness products? 

It’s a joy to be alive and care for myself. First thing in the morning, it’s Saundarya Radiance gold-based cream from Forrest Essentials then moisturising with the Serum Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen. Makeup remover is coconut oil and 2 drops of Estée Lauder night Serum before sleeping. I start my day drinking apple cider vinegar.